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    Deals4Opticals – a Hybrid E-Commerce Portal for Eye Wear Solutions


    Deals4Opticals.com is an initiative of Vision World Private Limited, which also has offline stores by the name of ‘Himalaya Optical’ across India, with over 75 years of experience in the eyewear industry. Deals4opticals amalgamates Himalaya Optical’s extensive eye care experience with the ease of online shopping to bring you sunglasses, spectacles and contact lenses from some of the world’s trendiest brands like Ray Ban, GenX ,FCUK, Oliver Martini, Oakley, Tommy Hilfiger, Idee, Philippe Morelle, Vogue and various brands of Contact Lenses.

    Deals4Opticals.com believes in precision eye care and offers a fully personalized shopping experience. The e-tailer stresses on ‘key value’ for each purchase, thereby each and every purchase comes with an attractive deal attached to it.

    Devansh Binani, CEO – Deals4Opticals.com, says, “As per various studies and data available online, it is estimated that the eyewear industry today stands approximately at Rs.20,000Crore out of which, Rs.1,600Crore belongs to the organized sector & the remaining Rs.18,400Crore market belongs to the  unorganized sector. According to current trends noticed in the online segment, 50% of the orders are coming from the semi-urban areas due to a sudden rise of internet penetration. Consumers are able to procure products which were earlier inaccessible to them. The market potential seems to be immense and is waiting to be consolidated in the right manner. We believe Deals4Opticals.com can be the game-changer in the current market scenario.”

    According to the company, the hybrid model that they have designed is the future of optical business. Their research shows that consumers shopping online are not only looking for competitive prices but a complete and competitive Deal. Consumers specifically looking for optical products online quite often distrust the quality & precision of the products sold online. They are looking for the convenience of shopping online, however are skeptical about the final outcome, as eyewear is always customized as per the user. They further do not choose to order online due to the lack of after sales service &, Fitting & adjustment of the eyewear as per the consumers facial contours.

    This is where Deals4opticals comes in with a hybrid business model, where the brand has tied up with various renowned offline optical retailers i.e. Himalaya Optical, Sunglass Point, Optical Experts in more than 50 locations spread across 20+ cities in India, so as to solve these industry prevalent problems.