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Camouflage collection by Emporio Armani


takes inspiration from the military for its latest camouflage collection.The Camouflage range is an answer for those who demand an exacting watch that is robust and refined at the same time.

Both classic and sporty, the AR1816 chronograph timepiece features a gunmetal plated case, classic black leather strap and a grey facade dial. Sleek and bold, the AR1818 features a luminous pale gold-plated case, green leather strap and a camouflage dial in shades of gold, grey and green.

For those who want to sport black in style, the AR6051 comes with a lush velvet-finished black plated case and a matching rich canvas camouflage strap giving it a modern touch. The pops of radiant silver on the hour markers and hands adds to the aesthetic of the watch. With a fashionable three-hand silhouette, the AR6052 features a black rubber-wrapped bracelet and a camouflage dial in hues of dark grey and black. The strap lends a warm, tactile feel to the watch which leaves a light impression on the wrist.

The Emporio collection is priced at 16,495/- .