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Dimitri Lafiandra: Creating a Unique Relationship


Dimitri Lafiandra is the Salon Director at the Rossano Ferretti Salon in Gurgaon. He shares with Salon India all about his first salon in Italy, the Indian experience and the secret of his success

Starting out
Rossano Ferretti Hair Spa has introduced the unique ‘Rossano’ method in salons all over the world. After Europe, USA, Middle East, the brand is now heading to Asia as that’s the growing part of the world at present. We launched our first salon in Mumbai two years ago at the Four Seasons. However, after being here, we felt Delhi was an exciting market, too, and hence we partnered with The Oberoi, Gurgaon to open our first Hair Spa in Delhi. I have been fortunate to be the first salon director for this set-up and in just six months, I can confidently say that it’s been a great start for us. We have been recognised for our work and hair art. Although the market has its challenges, I personally find Indians very receptive to new concepts in luxury and beauty. It’s a great time for Rossano Ferretti brand to be in India.

Looking back
My first salon is still in Parma, Italy. It had eight chairs for for stylingeight chairs for colouring and seven basins.

Challenges faced
The real challenge was to change the attitude and convincing Indians to adapt to a new concept. They are very discerning and love what is familiar and what they have been following for years. What we have also found challenging is getting trained staff to assist in the salon. While there is a lot of talent and energy, most of the hairdressing schools and academies here are all about ‘typical’ methods and popular looks and style. They don’t train their students on scalp health and care, which is very important. Hair care is not just about a great hair cut or look, it’s about complete health of your hair.

Current day -Rossanno Ferretti Salon
Always receptionist, a salon director and in support 2 hairstylist 1 colorist and 3 assistant.

Staff care 
There is a lot of talent and professionalism but getting trained salon staff still remains a challenge. I am also told that attrition is very high here. Even though my stylists here are trained and experienced, we have had to spend a lot of time ‘retraining’ them or training them about health and wellness. I am happy to say that they have been very willing and professional about it and willing to learn.

Moving to India
Although it’s a great and growing market, Indians are very discerning and that makes our jobs tough, but in a good way. Also, Indians love to follow what is familiar and traditional. They will convert to a new concept only if they see value, results and are convinced. And that is not always easy! What makes it easy here is once you have a good support base and partner- for instance, given our partnership with the Oberoi Gurgaon, we have a great location and given that both our brands are about luxury, we do have the same client base coming in. The warm and friendly nature of people here makes things a lot easy.

The India experience
Its been a wonderful experience. I find it a huge privilege to be here. The Oberoi, Gurgaon has been a fantastic host. I have enjoyed my stay in Gurgaon. The food here is great. I have never had mangoes at breakfast before!! The people are very warm and friendly. I have discovered the joys of a typical Indian head massage, which I think is wonderful. India is a great blend of tradition and modern at the same time, which is great for me to experience. The warm and friendly people. I love the respect each individual here has for nature and spirituality- they worship the moon and the sun! Everything has a meaning and a purpose. People here have a lot of faith, which is what keeps them so positive and friendly, I feel. I do love the food here.

Trends and preference in hair cuts and colour
If you can convince a woman that a particular treatment/product is good for the health of her hair and scalp and a particular style will make her look young and beautiful, they will love it! That’s universal and Indian women are no different. The only difference is that women here are very wary of using products from the shelf as they are used to traditional home-made remedies from generations. However, if they are convinced about a product and see results and value, then they are very loyal customers- whether to a salon or to a product. Most of our guests here love volume, textured, natural look and that is the core essence of the Rossano Ferretti method. Having said that, I wish more women would experiment more with their hair and learn to wear them shorter, as that sometimes accentuates the face and beautiful eyes of women, but am very optimistic that the trend will become more popular.

The Rossanno Ferretii Methodo
The Method created by Rossano and Lorenza Ferretti is a completely new concept of hair cutting — it is all about the natural fall of hair. This method allows the designer to show his best work and to enhance the individual beauty of every client. Metodo Rossano Ferretti is the key to creating a unique relationship with personality, body and hair, deeply renewing the image of beauty.

The haircut with the natural fall
Each strand of hair has its own structure and movement: Metodo Rossano Ferretti is based on this fundamental principle and has sparked the revolution of the haircut with the natural fall. With sensibility and care, the designer treats each strand in its own way, in order to achieve the most natural effect. This belief is why haircuts by Metodo Rossano Ferretti are so subtly carved, to create a harmonious image each time. ‘A haircut that is like a work of art’.

Soft Harmonic Color
Metodo Rossano Ferretti aims to create soft and natural colors for the hair. This desire for a natural look was inspired by the new techniques studied by Metodo Rossano Ferretti, such as freehand, the balayage and patchwork. These techniques allow the designer to emphasize the fantasy of color, in respect of the health of the hair.

The foundation of the Metodo Rossano Ferretti is listening; the ability to capture and reveal the personal beauty of every woman, taking into account her hair, her culture and her desires. The consultation is where the stylist and client create a vision together, through listening, dialogue, and information about the products and services that will enhance individual beauty.

Big achievement so far
We have seen a healthy increase of 25% to 28% year on year.

Business strategy
Today’s consumers are increasingly driven by wellness choices. The Rossano Ferretti Method, is a result of two generations of hairdressers that have given birth to a completely new and innovative concept called the natural fall in motion cut. This unique technique is practiced only in RF salons and allows hairstylists to express their best abilities in order to enhance a personal individual beauty. While health and wellness has transitioned from being a platform targeting a select few to a mainstream concept today, price considerations still continue to determine the choice of products and services for discerning consumers. Many wellness segments are extending beyond traditional gender boundaries. Society’s fascination with celebrities is increasing the involvement of celebrities in the beauty industry.

Use of natural based products and services in the salon, continue to appeal to the Indian consumer with modern sensibilities. A hair cut at The RF Salon costs less than $50 dollars. It is a misconception that the hair- cuts are priced at $1000- this is only applicable when Rossano himself cuts hair. Consumers today are discerning and do not want to comprise on quality or services , we believe we have created a benchmark of acclaimed services. We have seen a steady increase of consumers  that are placing a high premium on their time. Hence, we have been bundling convenience along with health and beauty benefits.

What’s next
From the time we started at the Four Seasons in Mumbai until today at The Oberoi Gurgaon , Rossano Ferretti is still changing the market as a destination, lifestyle and location spa . We developed a Method which we call Metodo to meet the expectation of the luxury Indian market and the international consumer’s satisfaction too. We have grown each month about 25% and our performance and perception still remains a minimal design -Contemporary style and modern shape to treat the cuticle, cortex and pigmentation of the Indian hair with a scissor and avoid all the blunt edges that women avoid these days.

You go to the best to get the best in terms of luxury service, hair-spas and color also. Indian clientele in London also love Rossano Ferretti Method as well as Indian clientele that live in NY , visit the Rossano Ferretti hair-spa in New York. Employees  and the students from the beauty college always appreciate us for the vision we have -in sense of sensorial experience we provided to the essence of each woman. Thanks to us in the Indian market our colleagues have seen a growth of their prices of up-to 45% up  in the last 3 years. Also we keep building and giving an economic contribution to hair  dresser business in India which has an importation influence to the  beauty culture of Mumbai and New Delhi in terms of education for  luxury shopping. Next month we do open the 3rd Rossanno ferretti  hairspa in Bangalore at the 1st Ritz Carlton Hotel in India.”

Views on the Indian B&W industry
I had always heard of gorgeous Indian women and their hair and in the last year in Gurgaon and Delhi I have experienced it myself. Indian women appreciate natural hair and are not very keen on chemicals and products. That is also the essence of the Rossano Ferretti method- to respect individuality and give a ‘natural’ look. It’s a combination of purity of nature and the glamorous look which is more prevalent in the West. Our clients have appreciated the fact that we try and understand their needs and what they expect or desire instead of imposing a particular ‘look’ or style. Which is why each guest walks out with a unique look, best suited to them.

From the health point of view, I know that Indian women traditionally apply a lot of natural products and home-made remedies to enhance the health and condition of their hair and scalp. At Rossano Ferretti Hair Spa, we take care of your scalp as well as your hair, using high quality, chemical-free products. As far as style is concerned, most Indian women like long hair but am happy to say that I do find a lot of young women being experimental and having ‘fun’ with their hair.