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Natio: Australia’s beauty brand now in India


Natio has been introduced to the Indian beauty market by Belle Vous Pvt Ltd, who are the importers, distributors and marketeers of the brand in India. Salon India talks to Divya Thukral, Director, Belle Vous Pvt Ltd

What is Natio, the brand, all about?

Natio cosmetics are owned and created in Australia and are backed by over 80 years of manufacturing and marketing expertise. Launched in the mid 90s by founders Max and Vivienne Ross, Natio values and embodies the refreshing Australian spirit and lifestyle.

What is its USP?

We offer a premium international brand at an affordable price. It offers a range of plant-based skin care and colour cosmetics, free of synthetic fragrances and make use of synergistic blends of pure essential oils to perfume our products. Natio nail paints are formaldehyde and toluene free and the lipsticks are free from heavy metals and the colours are gentle and nourishing on the lips. Natio does not conduct or condone animal testing. We do not use SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulphate) as a foaming agent. Natio had already removed all pure Palm Kernel Oil from its formulations. For quality performance and stability, we use the fi nest compounded stabilisers to ensure that our products remain pure until the very last drop. What are the ingredients in the Ageless Organic Rosehip Oil? Nurture your complexion and help fight the visible signs of ageing with Ageless Organic Rosehip Oil. A powerful source of Vitamin C, this cold-pressed organically certified oil, delivers antioxidant support to skin to help ward off free radical damage for smoother skin. It contains a powerhouse of rich nutrients and essentialfatty acids to help repair, moisturise and aid the regeneration of skin cells.

What is the strategy to market or distribute the Ageless Organic Rosehip Oil in the country?

NATIO’s Ageless Organic Rosehip Oil is a hot seller. We would be following the same retail channels and distribution methods. Also, a lot of salon chains are showing interest in the application of the Rosehip Oil along with massage creams.

What are the opportunities that the brand foresees for itself in FY14-15?

We are seeing a tremendous monthly growth in the sales graph for our products. Our repetitive customer ratio is also seeing incremental growth. People do not only like the products but also recommend the brand to others. Currently, we have EBOs in Phoenix Market City, Bangalore; Pacific Mall, Dehradun; Koregaon Park Plaza, Pune; Inorbit Mall, Mumbai; Aurobindo Market in Delhi and Central in Gurgaon. We are planning to open 10 more stores across India so that there is more visibility. We are also open to franchising.

What are the challenges faced so far, and how have you overcome it?

From getting all the necessary licenses to importing products everything was a Herculean task, but team Belle Vous did a fantastic job in facing it all. The other challenge was that we were running out of stocks and had to make the customers wait till we got the products from the warehouse. The problem has been solved now as we have taken warehouses near the stores.

What is the future for Natio in India?

Definitely bright! We have a huge repeat customer data base in a very short span for Natio and the graph has increased. We are hoping to see a growth of 55 per cent to 60 per cent, in comparison to the previous year.

What are your views on the skin care industry of India?

The skin care industry in India is huge and evolving and is seeing a growth of more than 30 per cent annually and it’s valued at $180 million, which is far higher than other Asian Countries. Every year, we see many international brands coming in India and slowly and gradually these brands are becoming a favourite with both the masses and classes.