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Cosmetic Packaging: Are you Getting it Right?


As a beauty cosmetic manufacturer, you may have to deal with constant overlaps in in design and packaging of products in skin care, hair care and colour cosmetics. In order to help you, Salon India offers you a few points to keep in mind for packaging solutions.

As per Mintel, lines are blurring in beauty technology and there are constant overlaps between hair and skin care and colour cosmetics. Combining the most exciting technology and marketing from more than one category, manufacturers are creating new combinations with new products, packaging, marketing and merchandise. At this years Beauty Düsseldorf, the trends that emerged were:

Clear white bottles for simplicity and clarity.

Watercolours and illustrations are a hit with the consumers as they are seen are attractive and buy-able.

Warm geometric prints are perceived as ‘fun in the everyday’.

Robust, lasting materials.

Special wrapping techniques for gifts.

Effective depiction of company logos on outer packaging.

Industrial machines for the manufacture of bottles, cans and tubes.

Use of sustainable raw materials.

New designs were also presented in the fragrance sector, where the broad spectrum of imaginatively created perfume flacons leads repeatedly to the question as to whether packaging can also be art.

New techniques such as motion sensors and information services at the POS often motivate undecided customers to purchase a certain item in the last moment.

Electronic packaging will play a decisive role in shaping the future on all levels.

Sustainable packaging continues to be a strong trend.

Use of plastics made of renewable raw materials and biologically degradable materials.