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How to get a glowing complexion in this dull season: Tips by Priti Seth, Owner, Pachouli Spa


The monsoon season characterises freshness, relief and cleanliness but it also brings along humidity, which is the main reason for skin, make-up and hair problems! From skin breakouts and smudged make-up to sticky, brittle and fragile hair; there are so many beauty woes you need to struggle this trouble during this season. Here are a few solutions and tips for every skin types from monsoon specific woes.

Skin Care
Keep our face clean with soap-free face cleanser.
Make your own skin toner by adding a few drops of honey to two tablespoons of milk. It tones and re-hydrates the skin.
Apply a lightweight sunscreen with SPF 30 for dry skin.
Opt for facial treatments like Fruit facial with Milk, Chocolate facial or the Aloe vera facial.

Hair Care
We should drink a lot of water to keep our skin and hair scalp re-hydrated since our hair gets brittle and tends to break easily.
We should increase the intake of vitamins.
Do not leave your hair wet or tied up while it is damp, as this could cause dandruff.

Though Monsoon is a bridal season every one want to maintain their make-up for a long time, but as the humidity is very high, make-up tends to wear away very soon. A matte-finish primer and foundation helps your make-up last longer despite the humidity and prevents it from oxidizing, which is a result of extreme oil secretion of the skin.

We should avoid cream-based eyeshadows and blushes, as they tend to melt easily. Instead, emphasize your eyes with powder eyeshadows.
Avoid smokey eyes and go for pastel shades.
Steer clear from the dark colour in lipsticks trend; bright lips are quite the hype this season, and they’re easy to retouch and maintain throughout the day. Also, they give you a fresh look.
Skip shimmer and glitter make-up, as these overdo the shine on your face and look tacky.
For lashes, use a waterproof mascara. If you wear false lashes, invest in waterproof glue.
Keep your brushes and make-up clean and store them in a dry place, like in a roll up pouch or box.
Avoid sharing lipsticks and brushes!
Always carry some oil-blotting sheets in your purse that can soak excess oil and sweat without damaging your make-up.
Don’t forget to remove your make-up before sleeping as it will clog your pores and lead to breakouts and blackheads