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    Even though India arguably created the one of the first board games for the human civilization, they currently don’t find their well-deserved place among Indians. On the contrary, if you visit a western country, especially Americas, you will find that they have really taken the Board Games to the next level where these games are not just a source of small time entertainment any more, let alone just a way to beat boredom. Rather, people are often found to be so passionate about them that special game nights, game evenings or café meet-ups are organized around them where people get together and play these games and have fun. Many a times, these people are total strangers brought together by their common likings for such games. City level or national level competitions are run to tap the increasing interest of people in these games. An interesting thing about this new genre of games is that these games enable people to do so much more than they cannot in real life. Games like Power Entrepreneur and Settlers of Catan are taking North America by storm so much so that even the Indians and Asians settled over there are not left untouched as well.

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