Home Retail The MobileStore Launches ‘The MobileStore Lounge’ in Mumbai

    The MobileStore Launches ‘The MobileStore Lounge’ in Mumbai


    The has launched the first ever smartphone destination, The Lounge in and Phoenix Market City, Mumbai.

    Mobile technology is ever changing and can be confusing and complicated at times. According to the company, The MobileStore Lounge is a unique state-of-the-art concept store introduced by The MobileStore Limited, pinned as the future of mobile retailing. A place that makes technology easy, The MobileStore Lounge, is a one stop Smart Phone shop that provides, multi brand handsets, tablets, complimenting accessories and brand experience zones all under one roof. It showcases ‘live experience’ to bring out the power of technology for everyday consumer use.

    Commenting on the lounge format, , CEO – The MobileStore Limited says: “The MobileStore Lounge is a unique experience and moves beyond live display into the realm of actual larger than life experience. With technology elements, live features and very friendly & intensively trained Tech Buddies, the experience of the Lounge is aimed at making the consumer at ease with technology.”

    The MobileStore Lounge will make it easy to browse, choose, use and pay for Smart phones and tablets with the help of Brand experience zones where devices from brands like , Nokia, HTC, Sony and Apple are displayed in each brand experience zone. The lounge boasts of the first ever phone OS agnostic Data Transfer Dock facility absolutely free. So you can transfer data from one phone to another without any worries.