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    The Role of Shopping Centre Management Team


    The million-dollar question for Indian mall developers is to figure out what exactly tenants expect from them and how visitors can be converted into returning guests.

    Developers are continuously trying to go deeper into the tenants’ psyche and are contriving ways to discover how to establish an enduring and mutually rewarding landlord-tenant relationships that improves the tenants’ performance and the developers’ bottom line. International expert, , President, Megabangna and Regional Business Head, . (IKEA’s franchisee in South East Asia) will try and share his valuable experience on the pertinent issues like ‘What is the ideal management strategy for a mall?’, ‘How to segment the current and future customers?’, ‘What are the measures to ensure that the “product” is appealing and that as a developer one is not only satisfying but exceeding the visitors expectation; to guarantee frequent return visits.’

    Talking on the same he said, “We, as landlords, need to nurture a centre management team that have infinite sense of ownership towards the centre, the product we offer and the experience we create. It is upon us to build a team of high-performers who go well beyond their job description and work towards the highest possible customer satisfaction.”

    Christian Olofsson will be answering these questions, which are quintessential for success of any mall, at ISCF 2014 that is going to be held at The Renaissance Convention Centre, Powai, Mumbai, on 7th and 8th May, 2014.