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F&B – The Hallmark of a Hotel


The restaurant business acts as a catalyst to business in the hospitality sector. Not only does it generate additional revenue but it drives in more traffic, and creates brand positioning in the market.
The session, "Role of F&B in Building the Hallmark of a Hotel," on day two of the India Food Service Forum 2014 moderated by Chef Saby, Fabrica by Chef Saby, discussed how a restaurant can enhance the overall brand prestige of the property it is located in, and by itself become a brand of its own.
Chef Saby asked the panelists whether F&B is actually the hallmark of the hotel industry. Madhulika Dash, Food Writer and Freelance Journalist, highlighted the emotional purchasing behaviour of customer when dining out.
Vikram Kamat, Executive Director, Kamat Group, stated that standalone restaurants in  malls have started a new trend. Branding and food is important; location does not matter. The star hotel is still an aspirational destination, as people are fast becoming brand conscious. Aditi Kapur, Founder, DeliveryChef.in, commented on the difference in dining out and eating at home experience.
Ravi Wazir, Principal Consultant, Phoenix Hospitality Solutions, gave the example of a hotel in Khar, Mumbai, which was completely turned around by its sheer positioning and careful selection of patrons. Chef Saby’s closing remark was that F&B is the hallmark of the hotel industry and the way forward.