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Nail Art Trends for 2014


The Business Development Director for Asia Pacific for Star Nail International, USA, Jacqueline , has more than two decades of work experience in the nail industry. A highly qualified nail expert, has completed a dozen of international certifications from prominent nail institutes from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, China, Korea, and Canada, has not only competed and won several events but also judged international nail competitions.

The Industry

Nail art is steadily gaining momentum and there is an increasing demand in the market. We get a lot of traffic during the party, festive and wedding seasons as this is the time when we have modern and fashion conscious women coming up to try new trends in nail art. Working women go for French manicures and gel based extensions.

Nail Art Trends

Nail art usually is something very personal; everyone has their own choice. The most popular Nail Art for 2014 will include French designs, glitters, decals, bling designs with rhinestones, cartoons and lots of painting inspired designs. Star Nails is promoting techniques like free hand, 3D designs including gels and acrylics and stripes for Falls Winter 2014. In colours, we are promoting metallic colours for the coming season.

Precautions to be Taken by Technician 

This is one of the most important topics that all nail technicians should work on. Our nails are as important as our skin and hence need to be taken care of too. Using appropriate products such as body creme, exfoliation at least once a week and cuticle oils will help the nails to be healthy. In order for the nails to have great bene?ts, we should also focus on removal for arti?cial nail enhancements; such as acrylic and gel nails. Even soak off gels, gel polish and nail polish have to be dealt with correctly, so that it would not harm to them.

The Favourite Look

Stripes with contrasting colours and a little bit of bling element goes well with any occasion. Carry it with confidence and you are certain to steal the show.

After Care Tips 

Maintaining nails should be a daily habit; we should apply lotions or creme and cuticle care products such as cuticle oil on a daily basis. Also, in order to maintain the best condition we must have the nail and cuticle area be cleaned by using products such as Nail Whitening Paste and Cuticle Softener or Cleanser.

Use nail strengthening products for weak or brittle nails. In cases where the nails are fragile, an effective product such as Forte Nail Strengthener should be applied.

For nails that are too dry, products of hydration for nails should be applied once a week.

A regular visit to a professional nail salon or spa would also be an absolute advantage to keep nails healthy; especially the toe nails. It’s physically not easy for us to clean and take care of them, so a regular visit for a professional pedicure is a must for healthier looking toe nails and feet.

When arti?cial nail enhancements have been applied, the most important thing is not to try to remove them by yourself. The arti?cial nail enhancements usually are not easy to remove without a proper remover. It should always be done by a professional nail technician.