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    AaramShop introduces QR code to order grocery


    , the hybrid retailing platform, now enables the brands to sell their products by introducing the concept of Quick Response (QR). The QR codes have limited application in India, while its a rage in the Japanese and Korean market. The arrival of smart phones will further encourage the QR codes to sweep the Indian market.

    Various FMCG brands will be able to print their personalised QR code on their various marketing and awareness initiatives like advertisements, packs, coupons, etc. When a consumer sees that advertisement and wants the product, he just needs to scan the QR code with his mobile phone application. The application would automatically add the product to the person’s shopping list. The consumer can than choose a neighborhood retailer / kiranawala and place his order using the same application – the products would be delivered to his / her doorstep without ever needing to step out of the house. The consumer needs to pay for the product only after it gets delivered.

    , director, AaramShop, said, “Use of QR code will make for an effective advertising and marketing of FMCG/ CPG brands. The best part of this initiative is that AaramShop enables this to work within the entire gamut of brands, retailers and the consumer – without charging any fee. This will lead to a wider acceptance and trials.”

    AaramShop services are currently available in parts of Delhi and NCR region and would soon be available across other cities as well.

    – IndiaRetailing Bureau