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    Aldi, Lidl and Waitrose power ahead


    Discounters and and posh grocer are powering ahead of their mid-market rivals.

    New sales data from for the most recent 12 weeks shows the so-called “hard discounters” chalking up sales growth of 15.4 per cent and 16.1 per cent respectively compared to the same period last year as cash-strapped consumers watch their spending. Aldi now accounts for a record 3.4 per cent of the grocery market.

    However, at the other end of the price scale Waitrose achieved growth of 8.8 per cent. The total grocery market was up 4.8 per cent – and Kantar puts grocery inflation at 4.4%.

    The researchers said the growth at opposite ends of the price spectrum is “further evidence of ‘two nations’ developing when it comes to consumer spending”.

    Source : Guardian