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Alliora created a special folding box for Swarovski


France based packaging company Alliora – part of the Ileos Group of companies, has designed the folding box for Swarovski’s first perfume “Aura”. It is a fragrance that provides a new dimension to the Swarovski universe, bringing even more femininity and emotion.

The set up box was born of a desire to not have a traditional folding box which opens conventionally from the top, but a set up box which on opening reveals all the beauty and richness of the bottle.

The folding box is made in 400gm recycled and FSC certified Tullis Russel cardboard. Swarovski receives the folding box folded flat, ready for automatic cartoning. Alliora has developed a special machine which glues all the different points in a single complex automatic manipulation. A special tab shows to the consumers where to open the box and take the bottle out, and more. A new gestural in the world of perfume packaging, the folding box is decorated with pearl finishes recto/verso in flexo, embossed with Swarovski motifs and flat tint areas with silver hot stamping and diffraction with marking.

Source: www.worldpressonline.com