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    Target joins EPA’s GreenChill programme to reduce refrigeration emissions


    Target Corp has joined the US Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) GreenChill programme to further its efforts to reduce refrigeration emissions by adopting green refrigeration technologies in its stores.

    “Target is excited to join the GreenChill partnership and extend our sustainability initiatives to the refrigeration systems in our stores,” said Dan Riley, vice-president, Property Development Operations, Target. “We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint by forging new partnerships, achieving milestones in our business and progressing towards our sustainability goals. Today’s announcement represents an important step in reducing Target’s refrigeration emissions.”

    “GreenChill is very proud to welcome Target as its latest and largest food retail partner,” said Keilly Witman, GreenChill program manager, EPA. “As Target expands its fresh food assortment, excellent refrigeration management will become more and more important for the company’s environmental responsibility goals.”

    The GreenChill programme will help Target achieve its environmental sustainability commitments by offering several benefits, including an industry benchmarking system and greater access to EPA research.

    Target works with a variety of organisations to integrate sustainability throughout its business. In addition to GreenChill, Target is committed to earning the Energy Star label for at least 75 percent of US buildings by 2016 and is part of the EPA’s SmartWay programme to reduce transportation-related emissions.

    –IndiaRetailing Bureau