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    Retailing betrays brick-n-mortar, moves to home


    With the ‘modernisation’ of retail, the sector is witnessing the emergence of numerous alternative channels to reach out to the consumer. Catalogue retailing, shopping on TV, e-tailing, though still in their infancy in India, are such alternatives which are beginning to take off.

    The way consumers shop has undergone a massive change in the last decade or so. While the brick and mortar store continues to be a clear favourite among customers, electronic shopping, which includes the internet as well as the television, is growing in popularity.

    An important reason for this change in the consumer preference is the increasing need for ‘convenience’. Today’s time-pressed consumer is not averse to trying new ways of shopping, given the other aspects – quality, price, payment options, delivery to name a few – are taken care of.

    To discuss the issues and opportunities in the ‘alternative’ forms of retailing, the soon-to-be-held India Fashion Forum will have a session on “Non-Store Retailing”.

    Those participating in the session include Sundeep Malhotra, CEO, Homeshop 18; Thorsten Allenstein, MD, Triumph India; and Sahil Malik, MD, Da Milano, among others.

    Besides national and global fashion retail chains, India’s top regional retail chains and most successful franchisees will participate in the annual fashion industry event.

    – Payal Kapoor