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Mary Kay strives to capture the Indian mass


The US-based direct-selling cosmetics brand, Mary Kay, is setting up a third-party manufacturing facility at Baddi and Uttaranchal to tap the mass market in India. This move is a part of its $20-million investment plan with an aim to manufacture products especially designed for the Indian market. “We are looking to develop specific products for the Indian market. Apart from this, we may also have certain product positioning, which will address the mass market. The burgeoning middle class is a consumer waiting to be tapped,” says Sheryl Adkins-Green, Vice-President, Brand Development, Mary Kay.

In order to spearhead the India connect, the $3-billion brand has already launched Mary Kay Lotus and Bamboo Indulgent bath bar. The company is also planning to open several regional warehouses along with local offices to facilitate ordering and payment support for its sales force. It has warehouses in Delhi, Guwahati, Nagaland and Mizoram. “We will be opening four more in the near term,” says Hina Nagarajan, Country Manager, Mary Kay.

Clearly, the market is seeing an interesting movement from the direct-selling beauty brands in the country. The growth of the direct-selling brands is an indicator of the retail boom waiting to flourish in this sector.
Posted on: 17.11.2010
Source: www.thehindubusinessline.com