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New COO for `The Collective`


George Santacroce, the Chief Executive Officer of The Collective – the lifestyle and luxury menswear store by Madura Garments, is set to hand over the reins to Ram Iyer, COO, with effect from July 31, 2010.

Santacroce said, “I shall be transitioning from the role as CEO of the Collective, effectively July 31, 2010, and the day-to-day running of the business. That responsibility now is firmly in the very capable hands of Ram Iyer, as the COO of The Collective.”

“Iyer will continue to drive and build the business with a strong team of senior executives that include Julie Woodhead, GMM, Rudrarup Datta, head of operations and marketing, supported by a great team at our headquarters and in the stores,”he added.

Santacroce, however, will remain involved with The Collective as an advisor, focussing primarily on future growth and seasonal strategy, and to support the team as required.