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Ivanka Trump to expand fashion empire


Ivanka Trump, daughter of American business magnate Donald Trump, is all set to expand her fashion empire. She is launching footwear and handbag collections to go along with her already successful jewellery line.

With model looks from her mom and her business sense from her dad, the 28-year-old is building her very own empire. She is still Executive VP over Trump`s development and acquisitions. As head of an already successful eponymous jewellery collection, Ivanka is expanding to offer shoes and accessories in Spring 2011.

“Just concluded a meeting with my handbag partners,” Trump shared on Twitter. “The bags looking amazing! Ladies..you`ll love them! The line will be in stores next March!”

She is teaming up  with shoe manufacturer Marc Fisher to launch a reasonably priced collection, with shoes ranging from $80 to $140. The line is scheduled to step into department stores in the US, Canada and Mexico and is based upon Ivanka`s own personal style. The collection includes a mix of stilettos, flip-flops, sneakers and ballet flats.

She says, “I like glamorous, classic (styles) and don’t want things that are overly trendy or  seasonal. I tend to be drawn to more timeless pieces, but I also want a bit of edge. If they like Ivanka Trump, they know how I dress, how I look. The greatest way to validate the line and create buzz is to wear your product. I always wear my jewellery and don’t bother wearing anything else.”