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    Mantri Square Mall launches retail training initiative


    Realising the growing need for polished retail professionals in the country, Mall, Bangalore, in close association with Indian Retail School and RetailSpark, has launched Edge – a first-of-its-kind retail training and mentorship initiative. The objective of the training programme is to empower the people employed in the retail sector by providing them thoughtful mentoring, insightful training and meticulous grooming.

    , CEO, Mantri Square Mall, said, “We recognised the need-gap that exists in the fast paced Indian retail industry for adequately skilled manpower and decided to create this unique programme to meet the demand. We want the entire retail sector to benefit from this programme and have, therefore, invited participation from our in-house retail tenants to enrol their staff members and kick-start the programme.”

    The Mantri Square Edge comprises an elite panel of some of the country’s finest trainers in the , with practical hands-on experience in a wide range of niche categories.

    The In-store Retail Assessment and Training, a part of the Mantri Square Edge programme, includes observation, guidance and refinement in day-to-day tasks such as body language, communication and team work. It also focuses on specifics such as identifying the target customer to visual merchandising, inventory control, conversion rate and even handling complaints. The training modules at Mantri Square Edge involve a rigorous honing of sales and marketing skills, unique personality traits, retail fundamentals, social etiquette, communicative abilities and inter-personal and business relationship skills.

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