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EU to have life-like mannequins


Apparel fit expert Alvanon will show its latest range of children’s European ‘design and fit’ mannequins AlvaForms, at the Textile Institute’s Centenary Conference on 3-4 November 2010 at The Midland Hotel in Manchester.

Using the latest UK and European, EU, body scan data for children from new born to 16 years, the company has incorporated, for the first time, moveable arms into its children’s soft AlvaForm range, a feature that significantly improves the apparel fit process. The innovation will help kidswear designers, brands and retailers achieve a current and consistent fit standard for a target age range within the UK and EU markets.

The new range is uniquely constructed of memory foam with an internal skeleton and jointed arms wrapped with a fusible stretch cotton fabric. This structure makes it ideal for fitting clothes as the memory foam exhibits similar properties to human tissue. Apparel designers can use the form to ‘fit’ clothes before final fit sessions with ‘live’ models. This eliminates the requirement for multiple ‘fit’ sessions using babies and young children.

In addition to displaying its children’s AlvaForm range, Alvanon has submitted its newly developed five year old AlvaForm to the TI Innovation Awards 2010.