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Givaudan stands up for the environment


Givaudan, the Switzerland-based worldwide producer of fragrances and flavours, is going an extra mile to preserve the environment and safeguard Biodiversity. The company is going to support the 2010 International Year of Biodiversity, as proclaimed by the United Nations, through a new book by Givaudan scientist, Roman Kaiser. The book, ‘Scent of the Vanishing Flora’, will be published next month. Through its Innovative Naturals and By Nature programme, which the book is a part of, Givaudan wants to offer the best palette of materials for its perfumers and flavourists. The company aims to be one of the pioneers of sustainable development and fair trade practices in the industry.
Dr. Roman Kaiser had earlier invented the ‘headspace’ technique that allows the capture of scents of even the most endangered plant species in their natural habitat without harming them. The book, reportedly, encapsulates over a decade of Roman Kaiser’s work collecting and investigating the scent of over 400 endangered plants species worldwide, of which 267 are described in ‘Scent of the Vanishing Flora’.

Posted on: 13.10.2010
Source: www.worldpressonline.com