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Free preventive care services for Americans


The Department of Health and Human Services (USA) and other federal agencies in conjunction with the Affordable Care Act have announced new rules that would require private health insurers to provide preventive care services for free with no co-pays, co-insurance or deductibles.

Services like blood pressure, diabetes , cholesterol tests, certain cancer screenings, vaccinations and immunisations, pre-natal care, pediatric visits and visions and hearing screening for children are covered under the rule. “Today, too many Americans do not get the high-quality preventive care they need to stay healthy, avoid or delay the onset of disease, lead productive lives and reduce health care costs,” says HHS Secretary Sebelius. “From the Recovery Act to the First Lady’s Let’s Move Campaign to the Affordable Care Act, the Administration is laying the foundation to help transform the health care structure from a system that focuses on treating the sick, to a system that focuses on keeping every American healthy.” The rule comes into effect on September 23, 2010.