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Vinu Kriplani has more than 30 years of international experience in advanced skincare.She has worked on clearing and rejuvenating problem skin as well as indepth consultancy services on the latest techniques and procedures. She is an expert in long lasting make-up.

Main intro
Permanent make-up is the new fad in the West. It has been used to fill in missing parts of eyebrows and add shape and contour to brows, eyes and lips. Well known cosmetologist Vinu Kriplani who works with permanent make-up at her clinic in Khar, Mumbai shares some perspectives on this new technology with Salon India.

Permanent make-up is…
…also known as long lasting make-up. It is a sophisticated art form, which originated in Germany and is done by a delicate machine that deposits organic color just below the epidermis. On the contrary, a tattoo machine is a strong machine made for body tattooing and therefore cannot achieve the same results on delicate skin such as eyelids and lips. The permanent tattoo deposits the color/dye deep into the dermis while permanent make-up touches the upper layers. Long lasting make-up can be adjusted in color and shape to match the dictates of fashion.

Special focus areas
Eyebrows: Those with scanty brows, incomplete brows or no brows can use this treatment!
Eyeliner: Those who want to define their eyes and look good 24/7 opt for this treatment. Eyeliner can be done in two ways: eyelash enhancement, which means a very fine and subtle line covering the gaps between the lashes. And, a slightly more defined line, both for the top as well as the bottom lid which brings out the contours of the eyes hence defining them.
Lip liner: This is useful for those who have incomplete, scarred or irregular lip lines. This technique enhances the lips making them them look naturally fuller and beautiful.

The procedure
Make-up is applied with a pen like instrument, which holds either a single or multiple needles to implant colored pigments into the skin. The needles penetrate only a couple of millimeters into the skin.

Minimizing discomfort
An anaesthetic cream is applied half an hour before the procedure to numb the skin, minimizing discomfort. During the procedure, a liquid anaesthetic is also applied. A cold compress after finishing helps minimize inflammation. Eyebrows generally don`t show any inflammation but eyeliner and lips can swell. However, the swelling does not last more than 24 to 36 hours.

Touch-ups are required
For the first couple of years, an annual touch-up is required to freshen the color (for the eyebrows and the eyeliner). Once the lip color is done to perfection it stays for many years, however this varies according to the skin type of the person.

Side effects can include…
So far the only side effect I have came across is a life-long addiction! Most women wish they had heard about this form of make-up earlier. People suffering from epileptic fits and seizures should avoid the procedure.

Approximate price: Rs 10,000 for the eyebrows (subsequent sessions Rs 7,500 to 10,000 from within six months to one year); Eyeliner top and bottom Rs 20,000 for two sessions with a one month interval and annual touch ups; Lips Rs 20,000 to 25,000 for two sessions with an interval of one month. Follow up as required.