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    New HP retail range covers all bases


    HP in Australia has announced a new range of retail technology products aimed at enhancing customer interactions. “In-store technology solutions have the potential to transform the retail sector in 2010,” said Tyerell Allen, market development manager, Retail Point of Sale Systems, HP Australia.

    The HP LD4700 47-inch widescreen LCD digital Signage works to initially attract customers by playing a variety of engaging graphics, providing retailers with visually captivating content. HP has created the TouchSmart 9100 Business PC, which is a touch-enabled device that can be programmed to provide specific product information.

    HP says that it is seeking to build an ecosystem of third-party software vendors specalising in touch applications that allow retailers to partner with, in order to help create customised touch-driven solutions tailored to specific needs. Finally at the point of purchase, the new ap5000 All-in-One POS System can feed into a back-end solution which can then track inventory in real time and order additional products when stocks reach a preset level.

    Another feature of the new HP ap5000 is a discreet advertising panel located on the customer facing side of the terminal allowing retailers to communicate promotional messages. A more dynamic 10.4-inch LCD customer display can also be used to further enhance promotional activities. The integrated magnetic stripe reader can also be utilised for customer loyalty card programs.

    “Building on HP’s portfolio of point-of-sale retail solutions, HP’s range now includes digital signage solutions; touch-enabled PCs; and an all-in-one retail point-of-sale system, so retailers of all shapes and sizes can use one trusted vendor for a simplified experience while achieving maximum customer impact,” Allen said.

    Source: www.cebit.com