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    Bata India profit grows by 67 per cent in Q4


    India Limited, footwear retailer, today declared its financial results for the quarter ending December 31st 2009, registering a growth of 66.9 per cent in Profit Before Tax (PBT) at Rs.3,865.8 lakhs against Rs.2,316.9 lakhs in the same period last year. The company’s net turnover grew by 12.9 per cent at Rs.28,809 lakhs as against Rs.25,522.5 lakhs in the same period last year.

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    Its PBT for the full year ended December 31st 2009, grew by 40 per cent at Rs.10,026.3 lakhs as against Rs.7,184 lakhs and turnover by 11 per cent at Rs.109,017.5 lakhs as against Rs.98,359.5 lakhs during the same period last year (2008).

    , managing director & CEO, Bata India Limited notes, “The year 2009 has been a remarkable year for Bata in India. During this year, we opened a record 76 new stores, adding over 200,000 square feet of prime retail space to our business. We also renovated 40 existing stores. These new and renovated Bata shoe stores continue to help in ensuring that Bata remains the most preferred brand for consumers in the footwear retail market in India.”

    “The highlights of the year have been rapid retail expansion, a fantastic shoe line, increased store productivity, improved inventory management and great customer service, thus, contributing to our strong financial performance,” he adds.

    “Our wholesale business continues to grow and deliver great results, with very trendy shoe designs, increased margins and increased penetration into smaller towns. Bata Industrials, our venture into the safety footwear market in 2008, has been received very well with volumes doubling in 2009. The brand also received the coveted quality certification from ,” he says.

    — Indiaretailing Bureau