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    Britannia launches NutriChoice Health Starter Kit


    Ltd., one of India’s most trusted food brands and caters to consumers in all demographic and socio-economic segments across urban and rural India, has launched Nutrichoice Health Starter Kit.

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    The company, however, said that with tax rates for the overall biscuit category being largely neutral, GST would provide a level-playing field to organised players in the industry

    The Kit consists of 3 biscuit boxes from the tasty and wholesome NutriChoice range (5 Grain 200gms, Digestive 250gms, Nature Spice Crackers 169gms), along with a 7 day pre activated Talwarkars (TBVF) Gym pass that can be used at any Talwarkars (TBVF) Gym. The 7 day gym pass can also be exchanged for one special consultation session with a Talwarkars (TBVF) certified nutritionist who will set you on the right health regime. In addition to this, the kit also contains of a gym sipper bottle and a comprehensive health diet chart to advise you and monitor your daily diet. No extra charges, no hidden costs, so no more reason to hold back the start of the year with a great healthy approach.

    Speaking at the launch of Britannia’s Nutrichoice Health Starter Kit, , COO, Britannia Industries Ltd., said, “It is our New Year resolution to make India healthier. Several consumers have shared with us that their resolutions are sincere but somehow they don’t get started because they don’t find the right motivator. Fitness is 60% diet and 40% exercise and that is why the Health Starter Kit was conceived to facilitate the start of both healthy eating and exercise. Rs. 100/- is the actual value of the biscuits while the rest of the kit is a pure health activation bonus from Britannia NutriChoice – people’s health buddy. We wish all our customers a very happy and healthy new year and are confident that the kit will help them activate their resolution to be healthy.”

    — IndiaRetailing Bureau