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Lasers: skin technology


Dr Purnima Mhatre is Director, Gorgeous Skin Clinic. An internationally trained Cosmetic Dermatologist, she has three skin care clinics in Mumbai. Dr Mhatre shares the technology of beauty with Salon India

Laser photo facial: Photo rejuvenation and photo facials are most frequently used. Laser Hair Removal and Laser Photo Rejuvenation are very popular as well. These are the top uses of the laser in our clinics.

How it works: Intense Pulse Light (IPL) laser takes 15 to 20 minutes of a clients time. This helps in collagen remodelling. Elastin is also in generated in skin.
Result: Skin glow and mild face tightening
Frequency: Once in 15-20 days
Approximate cost: Starting from Rs 3,500

Microdermabrasion: This is a very popular treatment. Aluminium oxide crystals are sprayed upon skin which helps in exfoliating the dead keratinised layer of the skin, facilitating better product penetration.
Result: This gives the skin a glow and also treats tan, fine wrinkles and pigmentation. It also helps acne and scars and lightens skin tone.
Frequency: Varies for every individual
Approximate cost: Starting from Rs 2,500

Galvanic ion: I do not use this because it is outdated. There are much more advanced techniques available at this time.

Choosing the treatment: We analyze the skin, discuss the problems and then choose a comprehensive treatment which may include microdermasion, laser treatment, exfoliation, massaging, etc. These treatments target anti pigmentation and anti-aging. Skin tightening and hair removal are among the most popular treatments.

What to watch out for: Laser treatments should be done by properly trained doctors who know how to monitor the intensity of the machines. This treatment is completely safe but can have adverse effects if it is not properly monitored. I have five to six doctors in every clinic.

Budgets for machine: Cost of the machine varies from Rs 10 lakh to Rs 1 crore.

Keeping up with technology: I visit a lot of conferences all over the world. Company representatives come to visit us which helps to understand the technology. Meetings with other experts and doctors also help learn and update ourselves at all times.

Target age group: 16 to 65