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Make-up trends


A brand new entrant into the Kolkata Fashion Week (September 9 to 13) was MaxFactor, known the world over for its professional make-up and in partnership with an Indian fashion week for the first time.

While eyes had lots of light blues and greens (Debarun Mukherjee), lips were often startling and captivating in bright shades of red as in Jaya Misra’s presentation (which included netted veils). Abhishek Dutta designs were set off by the brilliant orange lips, and Satya Paul showed off another set of vivid, painted mouths.

Watch out for those eyebrows in the coming season too — especially the extended straight eyebrows as those accompanying Kallol Dutta’s designs.
Hair pulled away from the face brings out its colors and contoured shapes in sharp relief. Mascara and eyelashes are definitely in!

Make-up trends