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Analysis of advertising in fashion industry during January-October 2006

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(Note: The entire analysis is based on ad volumes in secondages/column*centimetres)
•  TV and radio medium saw huge rise in ad volumes of cosmetics in Jan-Oct 06 over Jan-Oct 05, whereas hosiery had the maximum rise in print
•  In TV, except for men`s accessories with ads on Hindi GECs only, other categories used their advertising in a mix of channel genres
•  ‘Set Wet Zatak` topped advertising on TV, ‘Tanishq Jewellery` in Print, and ‘Axe Unlimited` on Radio in Jan-Oct 06
•  Three out of nine categories used most of their advertising in magazines
•  On radio, except for men`s accessories with ads on Delhi stations only, other categories used their advertising across the four metros
The fashion industry has become a regular feature on television and print mediums as well as in radio. This analysis is confined to sectors of fashion industry (viz. branded jewellery, cosmetics, apparels, men`s accessories, watches, lifestyle, hosiery, footwear & perfumes/deodorants ) during the period Jan-Oct in the years 2005-06.

First, let`s start with the growth in advertising volumes of fashion industry across TV, print and radio.

•  Footwear and hosiery, the two categories that saw a drop in ad volumes on TV

•  A huge 3.5-time rise observed in ad volumes of cosmetics on TV in Jan-Oct 06 over Jan-Oct 05, followed by perfumes/deodorants with a 2.5-time rise

•  Perfumes/deodorants, the only category that saw drop in ad volumes in print
•  Hosiery had the maximum 2.1 times rise in ad volumes in print in Jan-Oct 06 compared to Jan-Oct 05

•  Radio saw a 20-per-cent drop in ad volumes of branded jewellery
•  Similar to TV, cosmetics had the maximum 3.5 times rise in ad volumes on radio in Jan-Oct 06 over the same period in 2005

TV Channel Genres used by Fashion Industry in the Period Jan-Oct 06

•  Except for men`s accessories (with ads on Hindi GECs only), other categories used their advertising in a mix of channel genres in the Jan-Oct 06 period
•  Advertising of categories like apparels and lifestyle is skewed towards Hindi and Regional News, respectively

Top 10 Brands in Fashion Industry on TV in Jan-Oct across 2005-06

•  Two of the brands were common in the Top 10 list in Jan-Oct 06 compared to Jan-Oct 05
•  Set Wet Zatak was on top on TV, followed by D`damas Gold Expressions, in Jan-Oct 06
•  D`damas Collection G, the top brand in Jan-Oct 05, slid down to 3rd position in 2006

Nature of Publication Used by Fashion Industry in Jan-Oct 06

•  Out of the nine categories, three – perfumes/deodorants, men`s accessories and cosmetics – used their maximum ad volumes in magazines
•  Lifestyle had a 60:40 ratio for its ad volumes in newspapers and magazines, whereas the other five categories accorded more than 80-per-cent share to newspapers in Jan-Oct 06

German brand Llyod entered India along with Tata International; and unlike other foreign brands, they decided to make the brand available through MBOs and prominent footwear retail chains. Says Sushen Roy, head of marketing, leather global business unit, Lloyd, “We entered India in 2005 and decided to follow a completely different marketing strategy. We did our research and found out that there existed six superbrands in the market. And so we adopted a three-tier strategy, making our brand available through traditional multi-brand outlets like Regal, Metro and Lords, as well as through retail chains like Shoe Tree and Loft. We also opted for a neo-traditional approach whereby Llyod would be sold through luxury fashion outlets like Gabbana. Now we are available across seven Indian cities. Very soon we plan to have our exclusive brand outlets as well.”

Walking ahead
Where a majority of these foreign footwear brands have not expanded their retail reach beyond four stores despite being present in India for over four years, Clarks is perhaps the only brand to have six exclusive outlets within less than two years of launch in India. Launched in October 2005, Clarks was initially available through MBOs and store-in-stores; the brand has since revised its strategy, and except for Loft, a pair of Clarks is now sold only through its exclusive brand outlets. Aldo has also been following a similar strategy.

Says Deliva of ALDO Group, “It is best to have standalone stores in the best locations. It might take a little while to get the right place, but once you have the right location, there is nothing to worry about. Ideally, a high street location or a place within a major mall works very well.” Adds Roy, “ India is a complex market in comparison to other emergent markets; it requires a high level of customisation to suit the Indian market. For international brands, a

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