Home Retail GE Healthcare enters home healthcare market in India

    GE Healthcare enters home healthcare market in India


    GE , the USD 17 billion business of UK-based General Electric Company, has announced its entry into the home market in India with the introduction of its sleep care and home respiratory care solutions. GE ’s foray into Indian market came with its acquisition of Vital Signs Inc and its subsidiary Breas Medical AB, according to a company press release.

    , president and CEO, – South Asia, said, “Home healthcare is largely untapped, while at the same time, a fast growing market in India. This global acquisition is consistent with GE’s strategy to invest in high technology, innovative businesses that deliver top-line growth and earnings expansion.”

    “It is a strong, strategic fit and allows us to address the individual patient directly, for the first time. This is our first foray into home health in India,” added Raja.

    Currently, GE Healthcare is operational in more than 100 countries across the world, added the release.

    — IndiaRetailing Bureau