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    Indiabulls Megastore to become Happy Store


    Retail is preparing to unveil a new name — Happy Store — for its retail outlets. Further, the company will also introduce a new logo, a smiley face transposed on a cheerful yellow shopping bag, and a new tagline —A bagful of smiles, for these outlets.

    “The company’s restructuring efforts in recent months were a run-up to creating a new identity. Common sense dictates that Indiabulls Megastore is not a name that may connect too well with consumers,” said , CEO, Indiabulls Retail. However, Lepps declined to comment on the expenditure involved with rebranding effort.

    Meanwhile, the new identity would be promoted through television and print ads, added Lepps.

    Indiabulls Retail, the retail arm of Indiabulls Group, a company with interests in businesses such as infrastructure, real estate, financial services, multiplexes and power, entered the business through its late-2007 acquisition of from the Ashok for Rs 2.08 billion. The Piramyd chain was rebranded Indiabulls in January 2008; the 33 smaller grocery stores were branded Indiabulls Mart and the nine bigger lifestyle ones, Indiabulls Megastore.

    — IndiaRetailing Bureau