Home Retail ‘Super Fibre’ from Sonata targets youth

    ‘Super Fibre’ from Sonata targets youth


    Targeting youth as their prime consumers, Sonata, the watch brand from , has launched its new range of watches ‘Super Fibre’ recently with India’s ODI captain as its brand ambassador.

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    Tagged as stylish and sporty, this new range will offer watches of multiple colours between the price range of Rs 275 and Rs 550 and will be retailed through 12,000 retail outlets in 2,500 towns across the country.

    Speaking to media during the launch, , managing director, , said, “With this new product, Sonata is on its way to selling around 10 million watches per year in the next three years and targets the one million mark by 2009-10.”

    “This will make Sonata one of the largest volume brands of watches in the world,” he added.

    This sub-brand will offer 68 designs – both analogue and digital. The analogue watches are priced between Rs 275 and Rs 475, while the digital range is priced between Rs 400 and Rs 550.