Tesco charged of gross under-payment at Indian factory

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The UK-based non-profitable organisation today accused British retail giant Tesco of exploiting workers at its garment factory at Bengaluru, saying that the employees there are paid only half the minimum wage.

War on Want, a group fighting against poverty in developing countries, charged that workers making clothes at a factory in Bengaluru for Tesco are paid around 16 pence (Rs 14) per hour by the retailer. The investigation was conducted by an Indian labour rights organisation, Cividep, and its report will be presented at Tesco’s AGM.

War on Want, in its report, said the investigation found employees at a large Tesco supplier factory in Bengaluru struggling to survive on less than 1.50 pound a day for a 60-hour week, with a 20 per cent hike in rice prices making life even harder. “Employees complained that bosses forced them to work overtime or face the sack and they receive only half the extra hours recorded,” noted the report.

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