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    China is the best retail model for India: Food Forum India


    As Food Forum India sets out to commence, , professor, International Retailing, Michigan State University, told in an exclusive interview with Indiaretailing, “China is the best retail model for India.”

    Sternquist, who has been researching China for the past twenty years, elaborating on the same stated, “The two countries have many similarities, and differences too. Both the countries are on the same stage of economic development.” However, she also contended that while China, which had put restrictions on FDI in retail in the year 1991, had taken it away by 1997, there is a need for India to follow suit for true competition to prevail.

    On her expectations from Food Forum India, Sternquist said, “It’s an opportunity to meet people, discuss issues, and collaborate.”

    Sternquist is scheduled to speak later today at Food Forum India on ‘Food Inspirations: Lifestyle Changes, Global Culture, New Occasions, Innovative Design and Formats’. Her co-panellists will be Andrew Levermore, CEO, ; Einar Gustafsson, MD, Bakkavor Group Iceland; and Prof. Juergen Bartsch, head, Key Account Management Export, , Germany.