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    ITC repositioning Wills Lifestyle stores


    ITC’s lifestyle retailing wing has introduced new concepts for stores to reposition them like an international and inspirational brand.

    “We want to make the brand more upscale and have already launched two such stores in Mumbai and one in Delhi,” Chitranjan Dar, chief executive of lifestyle retailing business division at ITC, confirmed Indiaretailing.

    ITC has called in US-based FRCH Design, a company that specialises in store and mall designing. The company is also working in areas like product presentation, visual merchandising and retail training in association with the UK’s Elemental Design and of US.

    The company also plans to increase the number of Wills Lifestyle stores from 250 to 400 by the end of 2008-09. “These will be concept stores and will be designed on the basis of cultural context and customer profile of the brand,” Dar added.