Home Retail The first Central for NCR in Feb — more in a row

    The first Central for NCR in Feb — more in a row


    February is the month when the upper-middle class in the NCR region will get to experience the Central, a unique mall format from the Future Group.

    Future Group to set up C&D lab in Bengaluru
    The team at the lab is composed of technologists, engineers, data scientists, designers and consumer specialists

    In an exclusive disclosure to Indiaretailing, Anil Biyani, director of Pantaloons Retail said that the first Central is set to launch in Gurgaon while other openings in Mumbai and Ahmadabad will follow soon.

    This will be the fifth Central mall in the country after Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Baroda and Pune.

    Vishnu Prasad, chief executive officer, Central and Brand Factory, confirmed the news to Indiaretailing saying, “We have massive expansion plans, the company will open malls in Goregaon in Mumbai, followed by more launches in Ahmedabad and Vashi in Mumbai.”

    However, Prasad did not disclose more details saying that that the developments are at preliminary stage.

    The unique mall format from the Future Group has over 300 brands across varied categories including apparel, footwear and accessories for men, women and children. It also offers wide range of books and music, and house coffee shops, food courts, super markets and discotheques.