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    Seminar on Retailing in the Globalised Era


    Strategic issues, scope, opportunities and challenges in retailing were discussed at a seminar on Retailing in the , organised by the School of Management Studies, , on Thursday.

    Delivering the keynote address, Prof Kathleen A Krentler of the College of Business Administration, , California, insisted on enhancement of country-wide infrastructure and uninterrupted supply chains.

    Urging retailers to take note of young consumers in India she said: “While a young demographic is good for retailers, the young consumers also need money to fuel their spending inclinations, producing a large pool of skilled workers and retaining them is also another major concern.”

    Chief guest KR Suresh Reddy, speaker, Andhra Pradesh Assembly, said the business schools and industry should take more interest in sensitising legislators on the industry and market scenario as it will help in bringing in necessary legislative support from time to time.”

    The three-day seminar is being attended by over 100 delegates from across the country.