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    Chennai Silks weaves sari in legend and stones — probably the costliest sari ever


    Billed as the world’s most expensive sari with 12 precious stones and 11 paintings of the legendary woven into it, the Rs 40 lakh-worth wonder in silk was displayed at Chennai Silks showroom in Chennai yesterday.

    “We have priced the sari at $100,100, which would convert to about Rs 40 lakhs. We are confident it will be a big hit,” a spokesperson at textile major Chennai Silks told Indiaretailing. He added that the sari was woven using 7,440 jacquard hooks and 66,794 cards.

    He explained that the sari replicated a famous Raja Ravi Varma painting called Lady Musicians, featuring women musicians from various cultural backgrounds. The sari’s border also features 10 other paintings by the famous artist. “The integration of gold with precious stones in the silk makes this sari not only valuable but also unique. The weaving process is highly sophisticated as we have actually interwoven the stones and the precious metals into the fabric,” he added.

    “Chennai Silks is already famous for weaving wonders in fabric. Now we will be known for weaving history. This sari shows that history is not always written, but is woven, too,” said the company’s directors Chandran, Manickam and Sivalingam, claiming that it would be “a unique drape for a bride.”

    The directors said that the silk sari had integrated in its weaving process 12 precious stones such as diamond, ruby, pearl, coral, topaz, cat’s eye, emerald and sapphire, which have been set in platinum, gold and silver. It took 4,680 man hours to complete, using about 60 grams of gold, five grams of silver and 120 milligrams of platinum, with a diamond (3 carats 913 cents), a ruby (2 carat 985 cent), an emerald (55 cent), yellow sapphire (3 cent), sapphire (5 carat), cat’s eye (14 cent), topaz (10 cent), pearl (2 grams) and coral (400 grams).

    “It is the first time that a sari has been made with jewellery and famous works of art woven into it, using a double-wrap to create a one-of-its-kind masterpiece,” they claimed.

    Actor-director unveiled the sari.

    – Vishnu Rageev R, Bengaluru Bureau