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    General Motors on expansion spree


    Witnessing the rise in sales and demand, is in the process of expanding its dealer and service network. “We plan to have 114 sales points and 120 service centres across the country by the end of this year”, said P Balendran, vice-president, .

    At present, the company has 95 sales points and 97 service centres.

    Meanwhile, the company has unveiled a new maintenance-related initiative called Promise. The scheme is based on the commitment that over a three-year period, or 45,000 kilometres, whichever is earlier, if the total cost of maintenance exceeds a fixed amount, customers may claim a refund of the excess amount, said , vice-president, Marketing, General Motors India.

    However, the scheme does not cover repairs due to accidents and natural disasters, tyres, batteries, accessories, car care and detailing products.