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    Burger King likely to adopt franchisee model in India


    is entering the Indian market and is slated to take on McDonald’s in India with its own brand of burger . Experts are of the opinion in spite McDonald’s strong position in metros like Delhi and , Burger King’s entry is likely to start a burger war of sorts.

    Burger King to add 40 outlets in India
    Burger King opened 10 restaurants in 2014, and added another 38 in 2015

    It totally depends on what is the target customer of Burger King, which will decide on how and what strategy it will adopt in India. As is true for any other chain, the product innovation will be the key in this case as well. Adapting to the local taste and appeal of the customers will play a major role.

    It is said that the Burger King will adopt the Japan strategy in India. The strategy will be franchisee-driven and would lower the capital needed to start new outlets by designing smaller, less-expensive, space-optimized restaurants.

    Till 30 June 06, the group owned 11,129 restaurants in 65 countries and US, of which 1,240 restaurants are company-owned and 9,889 restaurants are owned by its franchisees. The group operates in the US and Canada; Europe, Middle East and Africa and Asia Pacific; and Latin America.