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    Clear Cell enters Vadodara


    , a London-based company dedicated to helping organizations focus their operations on their customers by leveraging advanced analytics and customer insights, announced the opening of it’s Indian operations at Vadodara, Gujarat. This marks the entry of the company in the Asia-Pacific region.

    Loyalty is not about the customers demonstrating their preference to a company, but rather the company demonstrating its loyalty to its customers. A complete understanding of customer behaviour both on and offline is critical to delivering the enhanced customer experiences expected by today’s customers – this is what we are bringing to the Indian market today, said , founder and CEO, Clear Cell.

    Maloney added: “Our Indian operation would act as a launch-pad to grow into the broader Asia-Pacific market. Growing rapidly and investing heavily in the region we now intend to be the leader in this lucrative region.”

    The company plans to invest large sums in the next few years as the local Indian team grows in order to develop the technology to support the aggressive international expansion plans.

    Clear Cell will provide powerful and valuable insights into customers combined off-line and on-line behaviour. The service allows Clear Cell’s clients fast access to a detailed understanding of their customers’ behaviour, resulting in increased sale, profitability and customer loyalty.

    – IndiaRetailing Bureau