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    Fashion demand needs to grow, but not at cost of quality


    As the booming fashion industry looks to further boost its growth, it will be crucial to build consumption. But that won’t be easy. Consumers’ awareness is growing and so is their purchasing power, thereby altering the fashion retail equation in the country.

    The modern-day consumer has money to spend, and to spend wisely. Expectations for quality are on the rise. Demand is now for fashion that returns value for money and yet is novel. In such a scenario, knowing how to expand consumption will do a lot of good to the fashion industry as a whole. And the upcoming 2011 attempts to do just that. The forum, to be held on February 17-18 in Mumbai, will have a session, “How to build consumption and expand the fashion market?”, to help identify factors that can help the industry grow to its full potential.

    Those participating in the session include , CMD, ; Thomas Verghese, chief executive, ; , director and CEO-retail, Future Group; and , MD, Hidesign, among others.

    India Fashion Forum acts as a major platform for visionaries and think tanks to share their visions with the captains of the fashion industry. Besides national and global fashion retail chains, India’s top regional retail chains and most successful franchisees participate in the forum.