Wal-Mart’s ‘rollback’ to help families collectively save $700 mn

    Wal-Mart’s ‘rollback’ to help families collectively save $700 mn


    has announced price reductions, including ‘deep rollbacks’, on a basket of 22 ‘favourite’ foods and everyday essentials that families routinely purchase, offering an average saving of 30 per cent off the retailer’s everyday low price.

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    The retailer claims American families can collectively save more than $700 million this summer across all grocery categories through its continued, aggressive ‘rollback’ programme. Wal-Mart recently surveyed women across the US and found there was an overriding concern about their financial outlook. Three out of every four surveyed continued to look for ways to stretch their dollars. For 78 per cent of mothers, saving money on basic items and everyday purchases was critical.

    The same survey also noted that mothers had become savvy, budget-conscious shoppers. Seventy one per cent were putting greater emphasis on personal responsibility when it comes to their shopping habits.

    Wal-Mart’s ‘deep rollbacks’ features nationally recognised brands and provide a total basket savings of more than $28.

    — IndiaRetailing Bureau