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Head Full of Curls: Revival of the perm


Tiny tight curls from the fun and fabulous 80s are back again to make your big hair dreams come true. We asked celebrity stylist Kanta Motwani, Curator at Kromakay Salons & Academy, who confirms that 2019 is the year of the perm

Set aside your curling irons because it is time to take a leap of faith with ‘perm’enent changes to your hair. Those tiny tight curls are officially back in business and you are going to love it too, especially with all the celeb-approvals. Internationally, Jaime King and Emma Stone took the plunge first, while closer home Katrina Kaif was seen in SRK-starrer Zero. Leading the bandwagon is our very own Kangana Ranaut, who is known to embrace those spirals so effortlessly! On her heels is Sonam Kapoor Ahuja, who is seen sporting big hair for her next, The Zoya Factor. Reportedly, the credit for Sonam’s new perm goes to renowned celebrity stylist Kanta Motwani, Curator at Kromakay Salons & Academy in Mumbai. So, who better than her can tell us about the trend and how to get it right.

Yes, the perm has made a comeback with salons seeing more and more clients inquiring about the retro style and its revival. The good thing is that we are two decades ahead from the 80s and the perming process has certainly got an upgrade to keep up with the times. This means it is safer and more versatile. Shares Kanta, “The perm is not just restricted to extra voluminous frizzy hair of the past. Now the hair artists can vary the size and tightness of a curl, so you can have a personalised style that adds not just texture and volume, but also allows you to make a new versatile style statement with your hair.”

Before you get permed, remember a salon visit is not the end to flaunting a great head of curls. You will need to follow up with the appropriate home care, too. The key is to keep your permed hair well-moisturised. Kanta recommends air-drying or using a diffuser when blow drying to keep the natural look at its best. She also suggests a mix of two or three products based on how dry your hair could get – try a leave-in conditioner with some serum and a bit of mousse to work in the moisture and also, comb your hair out while it is still damp, so that the curls are not disturbed much.

Pointers for perms
1. Get a strand test to check the porosity. Also, research for rod sizes beforehand.
2. The perm needs time to sink into the hair molecule and take shape. So give it a day or so. Final results typically do not show right away.
3. Getting a perm does not mean you say goodbye to straight hair forever. Just use a hair straightener.
4. The permed look can last anywhere from three to six months depending on the tightness of the curl you choose. The tighter the curl is, the longer the life of your perm.