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Camouflage Make-up: Beyond the corrective option


With raised awareness and cutting-edge innovation, camouflage makeup is more than a cosmetic option for patients with skin disorders. We speak to industry professionals and brands to know more about the emerging trend

Camouflage make-up, as the name suggests, is a well-researched application of modern cosmetology that makes use of advanced corrective make-up techniques to conceal, colour or contour irregularities of the face or body. Irreparable skin conditions such as congenital, traumatic or dermatological origin, including, scars, birth marks, stretch marks, acne, facial deformities, to name a few, often turn out to be reasons of psychological distress and low self esteem amongst patients. Camouflage make-up is considered to be a boon as the products used to achieve it are especially designed with high coverage properties for desired results.

With historic references in wars, camouflage make-up was earlier used by soldiers and spies to disguise their true identities. At present, it is not only used by patients with major skin conditions, but has also become an emerging beauty trend, thanks to the constant demand for looking good. Says , Co-founder & Director, , “The number of individuals who undergo cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries are increasing every year. The social and economic influence dominating appearance is quite evident at both ends of the age spectrum. The young generation seek peer acceptance, while the older face challenges in maintaining a positive attitude for an extended period of time; the facially challenged strive to seek normalcy.” Shares Verma, “Corrective camouflage make-up is essential for all skin types. While beauty make-up provides a cosmetic therapy unique in its psychological ability to promote selfesteem and well-being, camouflage make-up physically supports a healthier skin protecting it from aggressive environmental assaults.”

The rise in demand for corrective camouflage has led brands to come up with innovative and effective products in the market. Says, Anu Kaushik, Celebrity Make-up Artist, “Camouflage make-up is available in various shades to match diverse skin tones. One should opt for matte and waterproof products with skin friendly ingredients for maximum coverage. Some of the age old brands used by professionals for corrective camouflage are Dermablend, Coverfx and Kryolan’s Dermacolor. My personal favourites are Tom Ford Waterproof Foundation Cum Concealer and Kevin Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer Foundation.”


Dermacolor by Kryolan
When it comes to camouflage make-up, Kryolan has been the pioneer with one of its ECARF certifid range, Dermacolor. It provides beauty solutions from covering under eyes, skin pigmentations, various skin anomalies like vitiligo, Melasma, Cholasma, to name a few. Using Dermacolor involves a sequential procedure to achieve desired camouflage make-up. Beginning with application of the right matching skin shade from Dermacolor camouflage Creme, followed by fixing the creme with Dermacolor Fixing Powder using powder puff and setting the make-up by Dermacolor Fixing Spray in order to achieve water resistance.

Double Wear Maximum Cover Camoufl age Makeup by Estée Lauder
Designed to help camouflage all skin imperfections, the Double Wear Maximum Cover Camouflage Makeup provides 12 hours of comfortable wear with a smooth velvety finish. It contains Silica for oil control to keep make-up looking fresh all day, it is infused with a moisture complex and a blend of soothing ingredients such as Aloe, Alpha Bisabolol, an essential oil derived from Chamomile, along with a natural licorice derivative to provide comfort and care.

Double Wear Custom Coverage Correcting Duos by Estée Lauder
The new easy-to-use collection of dual-ended colour correctors shift skin into neutral. With shades for every skin tone expertly developed by make-up artists, the customisable formulas are layerable and blend seamlessly onto the skin to provide a flawless base for your favourite concealer or foundation and instantly neutralises discolourations on the skin. A light coverage formula on one end and a full coverage hydrating concentrate on the other, allows for a customised application of texture and coverage level for unique colour correcting needs.