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Jeff Bezos defends Amazon culture, blames NY Times


, for years has faced criticism for its work culture, stressful environment and a squeezing attitude to improve production. Last year, an article in New York Times defined their attitude as a ‘hurtful Darwinian setting’ where workers are pitted against each other to the point of tears, to bring out more productivity.

Jeff Bezos defends Amazon culture, blame New York Times
Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon defends its work culture which has been portrayed as hurtful Darwinian setting

As a defense to this allegation, Chief Executive and Founder of Amazon, sent a letter to the shareholders, which was shared publicly on Tuesday. The company denied these accusations and blamed the newspaper for spoiling the organisation’s image and painting a harsh picture.

“Someone energized by competitive zeal may select and be happy in one culture, while someone who loves to pioneer and invent may choose another,” Bezos said in the letter published in the US Securities and Exchange Commission website .

He continued “We never claim that our approach is the right one – just that it’s ours – and over the last two decades, we’ve collected a large group of like-minded people. Folks who find our approach energizing and meaningful.”

Amazon has faced criticism for many years, due to its unhealthy work conditions, especially at the fulfillment centers where orders are shipped. To rule out all the scandals, Bezos mentioned that his organisation has every right to invest in fresh ideas and take a risk to deliver big pay offs.

The Seattle-based company earned a net income of $596 million last year, and its revenue reached a $100 billion mark for the first time.