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Allen Ruiz creating cutting edge


What is the collection all about?
It was about creating cutting edge styles that would make a stunning collection but could still be translated to the salon floor.

Inspired by 80s punk rock with some androgyny and goth mixed in.

What was the inspiration behind creating it?
I was inspired by 80s punk rock with some androgyny and goth mixed in. Like vinyl, the hair and make-up finish are high shine. The cuts, especially the fringes are dramatic
and edgy.

cutting edgeWhat all products were used? (pls name the products and the purpose they were used for instance, X product to tame frizz)
For the straight styles I used the Aveda Smooth Infusion range which softens and smooths the hair, making it easier to achieve sleek styles. The shampoo can be used daily as it contains babassu which softens and moisturizes the hair. The daily conditioner creates an ideal foundation and helps protect against damage from heat styling. The star product in this line is the Smooth Infusion Style-prep smoother which is a leave-in treatment that preps hair for styling to give long-lasting smooth results, protection from heat styling and defends against humidity for up to 12 hours. I finished with Brilliant Emoillient spray-on shine which gives a sheer mist of pure shine and helps eliminate flyaways. For the curly style I used products from the Aveda Be Curly range. The Style Prep adds moisture and curl definition as it seals the cuticle and tames frizz whilst the intensifies curls, fights frizz and boosts shine.