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KMF to enter Mumbai, Pune markets; to invest upto Rs 500 cr


India’s second largest milk cooperative with a turn-over of Rs 10,000 crore, Karnataka Milk Federation (KMF), which sells milk under the Nandini brand, is looking at entering Mumbai and Pune markets in a month or two with fresh milk. It is already selling milk in Tetra Pak cartons in these markets.

KMF chairman P Nagaraju was quoted as saying, “Currently KMF is procuring 72 lakh litres of milk a day and selling nearly 50 lakh litres in the host state. We are now also looking at spreading to other northern markets in different phases of our plan of action.”

Earlier to this statement, the Karnataka Milk Federation had also expressed its interest to set up a milk processing plant involving an investment of Rs 300 crore with its counterpart in Telangana, Vijaya Dairy. Speaking to journalists in Hyderabad, Nagaraju said that the investment could go up to Rs 500 crore if KMF decides on adding milk powder, value-added milk products’ manufacturing and cattle feed plants.

Currently, KMF has an arrangement with the Telangana milk federation to supply at least 60,000 litres of milk day, apart from selling 75,000 litres of fresh milk and 55,000 litres of long-shelf milk a day.

“KMF was ready to supply up to five lakh litres of fresh milk a day to the Telangana milk body, apart from preparing to sell up to two lakh litres a day in the region,” Nagaraju was quoted as saying.