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Niraamaya Spa: Eclectic fusion


A visually appealing spa at Niraamaya, Surya Samudra, Kovalam, has a lot of impact on how one feels. At the Niraamaya, the rooms are arranged around a hamam like a rectangular serene pool of water body which works as a rejuvenative element. Carved into the building’s stone foundations, the ingenious two-levels offer aromatic steam rooms, hydrotherapy, a private jacuzzi room for couples, five large treatment rooms for Ayurveda and three for international therapies. The spa even goes into the outdoor, with treatment pavilions, the Spa Balé, located in the garden of the hotel. The lighting adds that very warm touch to the area bringing visions of far-away tropical haven surrounded with big bold green foliage and frangipanis. The other element that adds to the overall atmosphere is the aroma. Calming like lavender and orange blossom waft through the spa to add to a sense of calm.

Services available: There are several traditional services available at the spa, like the , recommended for relieving spasm and pain-related to lumbo-sacral spine; the Pada Mardhanam, which is a refreshing foot soak that’s followed by a soothing warm oil massage for the legs and feet; Shirodhara; Hydrobath and champi, among several other.

Owner/Founder: Jupiter Capital, Bangalore
Size of the spa: 5,500 sq ft
Time taken to complete the construction: Two years
Architect: Karl Damschen, who is also on the board of the of Hotels, designed the spa.

’s quote: “The globally acclaimed spa at Niraamaya Surya Samudra Resort offers therapeutic traditions from across the world. Our therapists have mastered Ayurveda, the ancient Indian healing system, Thai and Western relaxation techniques, and traditional Asian therapies like reflexology,” says Arun Aravind, Spa Head, Niraamaya – Surya Samudra, Kovalam.

Product used: The best spa and skin care lines the industry has to offer.
Website: http://niraamaya.in/